We offer a comprehensive range of Phthalocyanine and Organic Pigments sure to satisfy the needs of our clients. Microfast Pigments are high in quality with good weather and heat stability which are the uniqueness of our products having extensive application in various fields.

Pigment Dispersion

Microfast Fine Pastes are easy to use and high in strength and quality products. Having extensive application in Paints, Textiles, Paper, Ink, Soaps and Detergent industry. We offer extensive product range to meet the demands of the customer.

Universal Stainer

Micro Tint Stainers are concentrated, easy to use and high in strength stainers which can be used to create a wide range of colors. Micro Tint Stainers are consistent in quality and have wide range of applications.

Food Colors

We provide range of colors having application in Confectionary, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals & Home and Health Care. Our ranges consist of Synthetic, Natural, Lake and Blended Colors where purity of the product is prime concern.

Welcome to Rivochem

Rivochem Industries Pvt Ltd welcomes you to the world of high quality pigments, pigment dispersions, universal stainers and food colors. You will find our product range to be extensive and catering to your needs in every way. Rivochem Industries Pvt Ltd is rising under the guidance of Mr. Jayantilal Solanki, founder of Rivochem Industries Ltd. Our products serve the needs of industries such as soaps, detergents, paints, textiles, paper, plastics and many more. We have state of art production facility and make use of the hi-tech production equipment to create fine output that meets the highest standards established by our stakeholders.

We show a whole new world of colors to customers, by providing a fascinating range of shades. We understand our customer’s needs right down to the finest detail and provide products according to their specifications. The hallmark of our success is being able to deliver products that exceed customer expectations time and again. We pride ourselves in providing distinct, high quality, innovative and cost effective products. Our superior quality of service shows the deep commitment we have to customers.

Our company has a team of technical experts with many years of experience in the field of colors. They continuously carry out research and bring out new and advanced products to cater to customer’s demands. We have a smooth production process and all our products are free from contaminants. In every step of the production process, quality is checked and approved by Quality Control. The latest production technologies are used resulting in a cost effective output. The highest level of precision is followed during manufacturing so that colors produced are exactly according to customer demands.